Pilates equipment

Pilates equipment

Pilates is a form of exercise where the muscles around the spine (The core) and the muscles around the hips and shoulder joints are strengthened and stretched. This is done in a way where the flexibility is increased by stretches and the range of the muscles is optimally used in exercises. It is a low impact form of exercise and can be made suitable for everyone.

A strong core is the base for a good posture, success in work and sport, pleasure in daily life activities and exercise. A stronger core is very often the start to reduce lower back pain.

Carla Zijlstra Physiotherapy & Pilates teaches Pilates on the floor and on a Stott reformer. This includes exercises with props like foam rollers, swiss balls, dyna-band, toning balls, bosu balls and light weights.

Carla's own teachers are Michael King in London and Alan Menezes in Sydney. When visiting the Snowy Mountains Carla will help you to find a well trained professional in your area to continue your program.

Carla has taught Pilates for over 10 years and has seen some amazing results.

“Pilates helped me, after having four children, to jump with them on the trampoline again.”

“After my back injury I was scared to go back country skiing again with a backpack. Since the Pilates sessions I am confident and know that I have control over my back”.

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