Carla Zijlstra. Image courtesy of Foxtel

Carla Zijlstra

Carla Zijlstra Physiotherapy & Pilates located in Jindabyne NSW offers you professional treatment and advice in summer and winter. With over 10 years experience in Physiotherapy and Human Movement Science in private physiotherapy clinics and hospitals, Carla will take time to assess your injury thoroughly and approach your situation personally to get the best result.

Carla predominantly uses manual physiotherapy techniques and designs personal programs to continue at home, in the gym or in the pool so you can get back on track quickly.

Carla is proud to see a large part of the local population and welcomes the seasonal tourists and athletes for treatment. She supports rowers from the University of Technology Sydney, triathletes, downhill skiers and cross country skiers from the NSW Ski Institute and interschool teams of the PLC and MLC in Sydney with accommodated treatment times. This extends from 7am until 9pm. Our service also guides you with follow up at home. We work with injuries, stimulate active recovery and look for alternative options in training and daily life activities.

In addition to her work as a Physiotherapist Carla has taught Pilates for over 7 years. Pilates is a form of exercise where the muscles around the spine (The core) and the muscles around the hips and shoulder joints are strengthened and stretched.

Carla Zijlstra Physiotherapy & Pilates works together with the doctors in the Snowy Mountains. For specialized opinions and examining we will advise you to visit orthopedic surgeons and sport physicians in Sydney and Canberra.

Carla Zijlstra has a strong elite sports background in winter sports as she competed as a long track speed skater in the 1992, 1994, 1998 Olympics and completed the Australian Ironman. Carla was also part of the Foxtel 2010 Winter Olympics broadcast team.